Risk Management

Risk Indentifcation

Is the core task within the risk management process to describe and classify risks. All the information gathered and analyzed during the identification of risks serves as a foundation for further risk analysis, evaluation and estimation.

Risk Analysis

Provides you with a clearer picture of risks facing your business and delivers insight on what you need to focus on most. Our risk intelligence helps you make the best possible decisions given what is known, at any point in time.

Risk Productization

The process of delineating, building, deploying, and enhancing a clearly defined service process to achieve operational improvements in support of an organization’s strategic objectives

Risk Strategy and Transfer

Risk transfer is a risk management and control strategy that involves the contractual shifting of a pure risk from one party to another.

Loss Control

A risk management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and/or reduce the severity of those that do occur. Also known as risk control or safety. Driver training programs are loss control programs that seek to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. Sprinkler systems are loss control devices that reduce the severity of loss by fire.